We can change many lives, we need your support we are sure you want to be a part of “ Markazul Hind Alislami” so we appeal to you to join with us.
There are various ways and many plateforms in which you can help us by joining the monthly or yearly donation scheme and you can contribute Zakat collection to this organization every year to serve better.
Encourage your near and dear ones to donate Zakat, because Zakat and donation has been instrumental in funding all major welfare scheme of Markazul Hind Alislami, by the grace of Almighty, through your help and contributions can lighten the burden of the poor, needy, deprived, destute and orphans.
This organization is using donation for funding various schemes accourding to the tenets in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

God does not waste the reward of benefactors

Our Aims and Objective

(1) To induce Muslims to walk with the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah to remove illiteracy, superstition and un-Islamic practices.

(2) To run an Institute of Alifta-wal-Irshad for consideration and determination of various religious problems may be referred to it, and Insha Allah the Online Fatwa will starts in our website www.dawatulmaarif.com under the great scholars.

(3) To promote unity, understanding & tolerance amongst the muslim comunity and others.

(4) To promote economic upliftment programs & education amongst the weaker section of our community.

(5) To organize seminars, symposia and workshop specially for Dai with a view to create a better atmosphere of understanding, goodwill and mutual cooperation among the different communities of the Nation to promote communal harmony.

(6) To run Islamic Schools for the poor and orphan boys and girls so the education shall be provided from the Holy Quran and Authentic Ahadith according to the conception of the Salf Assalihin, and Keeping worldly affairs included modern education material in syllabi.

(7) To establish Mosques and manage by providing Imams and Khateebs for them in different parts of the country.

(8) To run Makatib and public library in the mosques and conduct Islahi programs in every mosques weekly.

(9) To help widows, orphans, divorced, non-paying and needy women, disabled persons and students in need.

Abdul Majid Al Hussaini

(Sec. General)

Our Works

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Quran & authentic hadeeth

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Printing & Publishing

Books, magazines & booklet

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For Unity

Between comunity & others

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Economically, spritually

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On social issue

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Madaris, makaib, schools

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establishing & managing

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liberart & research

In mosques & centers

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For needy,helpless & poor

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