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Quran Academy Delhi

We provide instructions from the Holy Quran and Authentic Hadith so as to remove illiteracy, superstition and un-Islamic practices prevailing amongst Indian Muslims and thereby contributing to the advancement of the Indian society. That’s why we are going to start an Islamic School (Quran Academy Delhi) for the poor and orphan boys and girls as soon as possible, and the education shall be provided from the Holy Quran and Authentic Ahadith according to the conception of the Salf Assalihin, and Keeping worldly affairs included modern education material in syllabi.

مصدر صالح للمعلومات الشرعية
A valid source for Sharia information
شرعی معلومات کے لئے ایک معتبر ماخذ

(Do you have a query and you want solution in the light of Holy Quran and Authentic hadith within a few days then ask to our islamic expert
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